Nice to meet you at the MRstudios.

MRstudios is a full-service Virtual and Augmented Reality agency.

We provide interactive, multi-dimensional solutions tailor-made for industrial and commercial technologies and needs.

Our team incorporates the most recent, innovative mixed reality solutions for real-time rendering, gesture control, beacon technologies and cross-platform applications.

By rethinking established marketing patterns, we create unique customer experiences that set your business apart from the competition.

Why choose us?

That's why.


At the MRStudios, we specialise in adapting the most recent technologies for real-time rendering.

Individual solutions

Our team looks at the overall picture and develops the right combination of most recent technologies tailor-made to your specific needs and expectations.

Endless possibilities

The amounts of possibilities are endless. Our virtual showroom offers inspiration, outlines what is possible, and what we have realised for chosen clients across the globe.

Countless examples

Our descriptions on Augmented and Virtual Reality go beyond your imagination? Have a look at our showroom and the work we have done for leading innovators across the globe.





Managing Director

M.A. in European and International Studies

5+ years experience in the engineering sector and work with international trade associations


Technical Director

M.Sc. in Computional Visualistics

10+ years experience with 3D design, flow visualisation and programming


Business Development Director


Phone/FaceTime/WhatsApp: +420 724 365 943