AR applications for the classroom and beyond


27 September 2019

App developers build Augmented Reality (AR) applications for a variety of purposes. The ability of AR to modify and enhance real-life using digital elements, together with its ease-of-adoption, makes it a great tool for learning. Using AR in the classroom can turn an ordinary lesson into an engaging experience.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the addition of digital elements to a real-world environment to enhance it and create an interactive experience, often through the camera of a smartphone or device. Some AR applications you might be familiar with include Pokemon GO or Snapchat filters. Application developers are building AR apps for fun, commercial, and educational uses, or even a combination of gamification fun to support textbook materials.

Here are some AR applications you can download and explore on your smartphones either for personal or classroom use:

Civilisations – Travel back in time with AR

The Civilisations AR application by the BBC allows users to discover historical artefacts close-up from wherever they are. Observe an Egyptian mummy, learn about its history and even look inside it with the app’s X-ray function. As you can see, AR provides amazing possibilities for enhancing how we learn.

AR technology can bring people up close and personal with something that is otherwise difficult or impossible to experience. This ability means that it holds limitless potential for application in different contexts and industries. Imagine being able to show off the complex details in your company’s products to potential clients through an interactive, realistic AR application.

Download: Apple | Android


Google Expedition – VR/AR life lessons

Google’s Expedition AR application makes use of Virtual and Augmented Reality to create classrooms without boundaries. The app uses immersive technology to deliver virtual field trips to some of the most exotic and historic locations across the earth. Scale to the summit of Mt. Everest and stroll through galleries in the Louvre in one afternoon. Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to see the world without moving from their seats, and the AR aspect of it helps make abstract terms more concrete, resulting in an all-round immersive experience.

Download: Apple | Android


Insight Heart – AR/VR X-Ray application

INSIGHT HEART is an AR/VR application that allows users to see through a human heart and learn about this incredibly vital and complex organ. The application makes it more convenient (and definitely much more legal) than carrying a real human cadaver around for educational purposes. Like a human heart, manufacturing technologies can be very complex and difficult to transport around, making it difficult to explain it to anyone. AR/VR technologies provide a variety of visual and experiential solutions to those hurdles.

Download: Apple | Android


Mondly – AR-assisted language learning

Another education tool we like is Mondly, a language learning app with an AR-assisted spin. The application aims to make learning happen naturally with the help of a virtual language-learning assistant and guide. It engages language learners with an animated chatbot to offer instant feedback on pronunciation errors, for example. The app also includes visualisations of objects and words to make learning more dynamic.

Download: Apple | Android


Wonderscope – AR storytelling app

The Wonderscope AR storytelling app is an example of how AR technology holds so much potential to make learning more engaging and immersive. This applies to anyone, from trainee technicians to children learning to read. The Wonderscope AR application takes children outside of the classroom and into an augmented world while improving their reading comprehension. They get to see their stories come to life around them in real-time. It’s storytelling like never before.

Download: Apple


Download and try them out for yourself! If you think that your organisation can stand to benefit from interactive AR-assisted learning technologies, feel free to get in touch with us at MRstudios to explore the possibilities.