Practical AR applications to try out


19 September 2019

Augmented Reality (AR) is the addition of digital elements to a real-world environment to enhance it and create an interactive experience, often through the camera of a smartphone or device. Some AR applications you might be familiar with include Pokemon GO or Snapchat filters.

However, contrary to popular belief, AR technology is not something that is just for fun and gaming. Myriad AR applications on mobile devices exist to enhance the way we live and do things in our everyday lives, whether at home or at work. The world is at your fingertips.

Here are a few AR applications that you can download and try for yourself!


Candide Labels – AR plant identification and tagging

Candide Labels is a unique AR plant identification and tagging toolset to revolutionise plant labelling and help reduce the use of plastic in gardens. Using AR and machine learning, the AR application identifies plants through one’s camera lens and places a virtual label on it, thereby avoiding the need for plastic plant labels. Informative, friendly to the environment and boasting a sleek user interface.

Download: Apple


Chalk – Remote technical support via AR

Chalk by Vuforia, a PTC Technology, is an AR application that enables and enhances technical support from a distance. The AR application connects two mobile devices on video call, and through the rear camera of the technician on the field, the expert is able to give specific live directions via voice, complemented by the ability to draw on the screen as they speak. It is as if the expert would be right beside the field technician, except, he/she is in the comfort of his/her office, and possibly even in another country. How efficient!

Download: Apple | Android


IKEA Place – Interior design visualisation with AR

One of our favourites is the IKEA Place app. Home furnishing can sometimes be frustrating and tedious with all the imagination you have to use, and measurements that need to be done. In addition, it can be scary to purchase big ticket items like furniture without knowing for sure if it will fit in well with the rest of your interior design. The  IKEA Place AR application allows users to download 3D models of IKEA furniture and place them in their own house – making it a breeze to visualise how that green couch would look against the grey walls, before making the decision to purchase.

Download: Apple | Android


MeasureKit – AR Measurement

MeasureKit is an AR application that instantly measures the distance between objects using your phone’s camera. Measurement apps like MeasureKit make use of Apple’s ARKit technology to make measurement a fuss-free process. It contains measuring AR tools such as Angles, which measures corners, Cube, which visualises how big something is, and Level, which checks if something is horizontal or vertical. The next time you need to measure something on the spot and can’t find a ruler, make use of MeasureKit to do so!

Download: Apple


Nike – Feet measurement app

Footwear giant Nike has also jumped onboard the AR bandwagon, with a new AR application that will measure users’ feet so that they buy sneakers that fit better. With an accuracy within 2 millimetres, buying Nike shoes that fit well will be a breeze. A great example of simple and yet sound use of AR technology to enhance our daily interactions.

Download: Apple | Android


Sun Seeker – Sun seeking using  AR view finder

The Sun Seeker app tracks and predicts the movement of the sun in the sky, and provides a flat compass view as well as an AR viewfinder that shows the path and position of the sun at any given date and time. The AR application has a variety of practical applications for individuals who need to know the sun’s position and shadows for planning and decision-making. This includes professionals such as photographers, architects or even real-estate buyers.

Download: Apple | Android


MRstudios specialises in the development of state-of-the-art AR applications like these that change the way manufacturers communicate and operate. For a glimpse into what we do, check out this demo reel of an AR application we’ve created for Menerga (Germany), one of the leading players in the European ventilation industry:

Do you have a favourite AR application that has changed the way you do certain things in your everyday life?