Webinar | Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality 101: How to take your manufacturing businesses to the next level


29 April 2020

Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality 101:
How to take your manufacturing businesses to the next level

Dear friends of MRstudios,

We are inviting you to attend MRstudios’ first expert webinar. Join us in discovering how your manufacturing business can leverage Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions to stand out from the competition. The Webinar will be led by business, technical and cloud experts with 10+ years of experience in the industrial manufacturing and digitisation sector.

Tuesday, 12 May at 10:00H CEST (English edition)
Wednesday, 13 May at 14:00H CEST (German edition)

Duration: 1 hour

Registration Fee: Free

Language: English/German

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Who is it for?
Marketing, sales, innovation and IT professionals, as well as product managers, in the manufacturing industry looking to increase efficiencies and/or explore options for digitisation.

Brief description

In this expert webinar, you are going to learn how you can make use of Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies to

  • Make your (online) sales presentations more interactive,
  • Introduce complex machinery in the most efficient manner even if you cannot show a physical product,
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of technical training,
  • Offer your clients better service.


Introduction: Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality 101 (10min)
Answers the questions: What exactly is Industrial Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)? What can Industrial VR/AR do for your business? How is an Industrial VR/AR application created?

VR/AR applied: Practical use cases from leading manufacturers incl. live demos (20min)
Tried, tested and true. Leading manufacturers have invested in Industrial VR/AR solutions for various purposes. MRstudios’ development team will walk you through three real-life use cases.

Next level VR/AR cloud technologies (15min)
Assimilating VR/AR solutions into your existing infrastructure is simple. In-house cloud expert Thorsten Schmidt will explain how our applications can be directly integrated into your cloud ecosystem. This is followed by a demonstration of how WebRTC can be deployed to make VR/AR accessible to everyone, on any device.

Q&A (10min)
Curious about whether you’ll need to purchase VR goggles for a VR/AR experience? Or wonder how long it takes to develop a customised VR/AR solution?  Our experts are here to answer your questions. Submit them in the chat throughout the webinar, or beforehand to


Can I submit my questions beforehand?
Yes you may submit questions you might have beforehand. You can submit them to with the subject title “Webinar Questions”.

Will the Webinar material be available after the session?
To ensure that you do not miss out on any of this valuable information, all presentation slides, as well as a video recording of the Webinar will be made available to you after the webinar.

How can I contact the organisers with questions?
You can contact us via, or on any of our social media channels.


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