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3D Real-Time SDK for Selection Software

Reinvent your selection software by showcasing its results in real-time 3D.

Selection software is essential in selling the most suitable (and profitable) machine to your clients. After entering specific parameters (e.g. envisaged capacities, ambient conditions), the recommended machines will be shown. In usual cases, a table will appear together with a basic 2D/3D CAD model.

By applying our MRselection SDK to your selection software, you can reinvent the way in which selection results are being visualised.

Features and benefits

Generate high-end 3D models of your selection results in real-time

Having a cloud rendering your results tends to take time. It is not necessary any longer.

Make your 3D model function in a real-life scenario

After a 3D model has been generated in real-time, you can bring it to life and add it to a particular application area. For example: After having generated a particular compressor, you can add it to a turbine and show its functioning inside the latter.

Apply our SDK to any platform

The MRselection SDK is platform independent, and can be applied on any operating system.


Our MRselection can be applied to any kind of product selection software, independent from the platform or system you are using (e.g. DLL, Esher).

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