Next to our tailor-made solutions, we make Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
more accessible by offering standardised and frequently demanded products.
These go far beyond the real-time 3D applications you may be familiar with.

VR/AR Product Maintenance and Documentation

Interactive product maintenance, after sales and documentation – at your fingertips.

Maintaining industrial applications can be a complex matter, as it requires lots of resources and documentation. But if done right, it can contribute significantly to a manufacturer’s revenue stream.

MRservice makes product maintenance, documentation, and after-sales an intuitive and straight-forward experience by transforming it into an interactive 3D experience.

Features and benefits

Recognising machines through your mobile camera or sensors

Detect a machine model by placing it in the view of your smartphone/tablet camera. The software can also detect near-field or long-range sensors to identify the particular product.

Adding step-by-step AR guides for major maintenance tasks

When positioning a machine in a camera view, major maintenance tasks can be added via Augmented Reality. E.g. the software can show you how to change a compressor by highlighting all relevant elements on the real product while giving you detailed visual instructions on what to do.

Linking app to documentation database

An automatic link can be established to your documentation system once a machine is detected. I.e. the user automatically sees all documentation related to a particular machine. You do not have a documentation database? We can support you in setting one up.

Showcasing real-time data

MRservice can communicate with your machine/system interface (e.g. OPC UA, Modbus, BACnet) to display real-time data in AR and VR.


Like our other products, MRservice is based on standardised yet customizable modules, so you will be able to decide and define features of relevance to your needs. To suit your evolving needs, these can be flexibly adapted over time.


MRservice applies one or more of the following technologies (depending on your preferences):

  • Augmented Reality (for smartphones and tablets)
  • VR 4.0 powered by MRstudios (for PCs/Macs with touch screens or stand-alone with mouse)
  • Virtual Reality (for VR glasses)

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