Next to our tailor-made solutions, we make Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
more accessible by offering standardised and frequently demanded products.
These go far beyond the real-time 3D applications you may be familiar with.

VR Product Catalogue

Showcase your products, solutions, and complex technical features like never before.

Most manufacturers still present their solutions in traditional manners. This can include printed catalogues, dedicated sections on their websites, or PowerPoint presentations. While these channels have their benefits, they have obvious limitations in terms of their ability to explain and visualise complex technological features.

Our MRshowroom overcomes these drawbacks by transforming your 2D product catalogues into a truly immersive real-time 3D experience.

Features and benefits

Replicate your entire portfolio in real-time 3D

Users can do the same with a system or machine as they do in real life. Even changing technical values in the controller.

Flexibly add additional products and functions

Our platform dynamically reacts to your evolving needs. Products and complex engineering functions can be easily added over time.

Adapt content by yourself

Our MRcloud online platform allows you to modify content by yourself, eliminating the need to contact us for changes such as adding new language texts, or selecting products for particular regions.

Add platforms and devices

The MRshowroom can run on all kinds of platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows) and devices (e.g. PC, Mac, Android tablet, Apple iPhone).

Record videos directly inside the application

Define camera flights, hide menus, set resolution levels and start recording videos through our integrated recording module.


MRshowroom is based on standardised yet customizable modules. You will be able to handpick features of relevance in our online configurator. These can be adapted over time to suit your evolving needs.

Examples include:

Category Product and system

  • X-ray, exploded view
  • Implementation of real-time technical values
  • Real-time flow/fluid/pressure visualisations

Category Environment

  • Ambient conditions
  • Locations
  • Building types

Category Controls

  • Touch and mouse
  • Gesture recognition
  • Voice recognition

Category Platform

  • Operating systems
  • Languages
  • Measuring units

Special module: Photorealism in real-time

As the first provider in its field, MRstudios is offering completely photorealistic real-time animations. This has so far only been possible in offline rendered movies.

We do so by applying Real-time Ray Tracing (RT 2 ) in combination with our latest MRstudios Rental hardware solutions – making it more accessible than ever before.

Hard to believe? Visit our Showroom in Prague to experience it with your own eyes.

Special module: Advanced data protection

At MRstudios, we understand that data security is critical to industry leaders. So not only are we ISO27001 certified, but we also offer an ‘industry first’ module, which encrypts all 3D data embedded in software applications. This makes it impossible to retrieve the latter through whatever means.


MRshowroom applies one or more of the following technologies (depending on your preferences), which can also be chosen within the module configurator:

  • VR 4.0 powered by MRstudios (for touch screen and mouse controllers)
  • Augmented Reality (for smartphones and tablets)
  • Virtual Reality (for VR glasses)

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