Next to our tailor-made solutions, we make Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
more accessible by offering standardised and frequently demanded products.
These go far beyond the real-time 3D applications you may be familiar with.

VR/AR Sales and Technical Education

Train your workforce and clients in an immersive and efficient way.

Internal and external training on sales and technical issues commonly involve classroom sessions, webinars, or online portals. In organisations active in multiple countries, education and training can be highly complex and expensive – especially if it involves large machines that cannot be easily moved.

MRtraining allows manufacturers to consolidate their education efforts within a VR environment, making it more accessible and more easily understood by everyone.

Features and benefits

Make complex engineering understandable for everyone

As machines are replicated one on one into a real-time 3D environment, understanding complex technical functions and controls becomes much easier.

Communicate USPs with your sales staff

Support your global sales teams by highlighting important USPs in a VR environment (e.g. through information icons, short animations). Enable staff with a lesser technical understanding to explain and sell complex machine functions.

Educate on all major platforms and devices

MRtraining runs on all kinds of platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows) and devices (e.g. PC, Mac, Android tablet, Apple smartphone).

Manage users and target groups

Externals and internals might receive different training programmes, and so can different markets. Set users, target group and market requirements in our MRcloud online platform. Connect MRtraining with your own user management system (e.g. Active Directory).

Remote support and control

Login to any user remotely and guide them through specific tasks or functions.


MRtraining applies one or more of the following technologies (depending on your preferences):

  • VR 4.0 powered by MRstudios (for PCs/Macs with touch screens or stand-alone with mouse)
  • Augmented Reality (for smartphones and tablets)
  • Virtual Reality (for VR glasses)
  • Mixed Reality (for MR glasses)

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