We provide real-time marketing software solutions involving AR, VR, and MR – tailor-made for the manufacturing industry. We do so by applying latest industry standards and strictest German data security criteria.


Our 360° service approach ranges from the development of frontend software applications all the way up to guaranteeing its stable implementation and servicing at a tradeshow.


We even go one step further by offering solutions that connect your virtual environments with 4D technologies (e.g. wind machines, sound systems), the Internet of Things (IoT), or enable them to incorporate data coming from an Industry 4.0 system.


Learn what we offer by expanding the squares










Meet the MRcloud! As the first provider in our sector, MRstudios has developed a unique feature that makes complex VR, AR, and MR applications more tangible.


We take virtual environment to the next level by offering MRcloud VR hosting and streaming solutions based on state-of-the-art video compression standards.


Note: This feature is currently available to key account customers only. It requires a stable high-speed internet connection (minimum fast Ethernet).



Learn about three major benefits of this approach




1. Reduce hardware costs
by running your virtual environments on our highly secured MRcloud server in Germany





2. Increase the flexibility
of your software by making it available worldwide independent from your hardware location





3. Receive instant user feedback
through usage data assessments




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