Solutions and Technologies

At MRstudios, we combine the latest 3D software and hardware technologies
with a strong passion for engineering, understanding of our clients’ needs,
high flexibility, and constant drive to create the most innovative product possible.

MRstudios - 3D Software Technologies

We create interactive 3D experiences involving Virtual/Augmented/Mixed
Reality (VR/AR/MR), 3D and 2D product renderings, visualisations and animations
tailor-made for a wide range of manufacturing sectors and operating systems.


Much shorter realisation times than comparable agencies

More automation means fewer costs as we count on standardised scripts and protocols

Fewer efforts for you as we know how to handle complex machinery

At MRstudios, we have taken Virtual Reality to the next level by developing our own plugins and a cross-platform development kit tailor-made for industrial-type applications. As it goes far beyond a simple VR structure, we call it VR 4.0.

With VR 4.0, we move your innovations into a real-time 3D environment, which can be shown and controlled on any kind of touch device ranging from smartphones to large-scale touch walls.

Among other items, VR 4.0 includes:

  • A large set of standardised scripts for all types of common machine functions (e.g. pressure, fluid dynamics, air flows, leakage)
  • An industrial Unity UI/UX design master template for all common automation controls
  • Plugins enabling the seamless integration of a VR application with an Industry 4.0 system and physical machine

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Realtime Raytracing makes what has been impossible so far, possible. Photo-realism in real-time rendered applications can now be achieved without animation movies.

This new technology enables more precise calculations of the distribution of light, thereby producing highly realistic-looking shadows, reflections and refractions.

We are one of the pioneer providers of Realtime Raytracing in Virtual Reality – we call it VR 4.0/ Ultimate.

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VR is a computer simulation of a real or imaginary technology. It enables you and your clients to demonstrate any product on the simulated system and shows the effects in real time.

MRstudios’ VR+ makes virtual realities even more immersive by including technologies such as VR glasses. Our most popular solutions currently involve the HTC Vive.

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AR involves the merging of a view of the real-world environment (e.g. the live camera view of your iPad) with digital objects (e.g. a machine) in real-time.

In other words, we enrich your real machine at an exhibition with virtual content such as air and fluid flows.

AR takes your industrial communication to the next level while creating unique customer experiences. It can work standalone or in combination with other solutions we offer.

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Mixed Reality (as can be found in our company name) is a term that is often used interchangeably with the term Augmented Reality, although some contend that there are essential differences.

In general, both mixed reality and augmented reality involve placing virtual objects in a “real” visual field.

However, in some cases, people use the term Augmented Reality to specifically describe a virtual overlay, such as a digital overlay on a car windshield. They use the term Mixed Reality to describe specific situations where virtual objects are instead integrated into a physical view individually and fixed in that view.

Our most popular MR solutions involve the Magic Leap – of which we are one of the first adopters in Europe.

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Projection mapping, similar to video mapping and Projection AR, is a projection technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection.

These objects may be complex industrial landscapes such as factories, but also large trucks or machines.

As one of the first companies in Europe, we cooperate with Lightform to provide clients with the most impressive Projection AR experience.

Our most popular MR solutions involve the Magic Leap – of which we are one of the first adopters in Europe.

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Collaborative VR involves a space in which several people interact with each other, often over several locations. The aim is for teams to share ideas and experiences in a co-operative setting – hence the name.

Our clients make use of Collaborative VR when, for instance, assessing product prototypes, which do not physically exist yet, across various locations. They also apply it to train teams around the globe on specific functions of a system.

For one of our clients, we have setup VR workstations in key locations across the globe and integrated them within their usual meeting rooms.

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MRrental - Turnkey Hardware Rental Solutions

We provide full-service, VR-ready hardware rental solutions for your exhibitions, showrooms and events.

Our repertoire consists of all the state-of-the-art IT hardware necessary to run your Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR, VR, MR) software in a high performing, stable and easy-to-use manner.

We provide industry leaders across the globe with a peace of mind thanks to our plug-and-play solutions, latest technologies, competitive rates, and an unparalleled level of customer service.

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MRcloud - VR Hosting and Streaming Solutions

Meet the MRcloud! We take virtual environment to the next level by offering MRcloud VR
hosting and streaming solutions based on advanced video compression standards.

Note: This feature is currently available to key account customers only. It requires a stable high-speed
internet connection (minimum fast Ethernet).

By choosing to use the MRcloud, you:

Reduce hardware costs
by running your virtual environments on our highly secured MRcloud server in Germany

Increase the flexibility
of your software by making it available worldwide independent from your hardware location

Receive instant user feedback
through usage data assessments. Learn more about the company that reinvents industrial communication

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