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By creating digital twins of your products and solutions that visitors can experience without real-world constraints. 

Some of our exhibition clients:

Some of our exhibition clients:

Your very own virtual product experience, starting from just €5.999

Your very own virtual product experience, starting from just €5.999

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Complex technologies and solutions can be made tangible and exciting using interactive VR/AR/3D. See how some of our clients have managed.

More exciting and convenient exhibitions for Systemair with interactive 3D product catalogue

With the desire to explain products in detail to potential clients, Systemair wanted an interactive VR app that would showcase the functionalities of their products in-depth and in real-time. Using this app at exhibitions helped Systemair save significantly on increasingly high logistical costs, as they do not have to transport their full range of large products to exhibitions all over the world.

Menerga demonstrates complex Adiabatic features with Augmented Reality

The best way to visualise a complex product or technology is to bring it to live! This customised app enables visitors to visualise the chosen product in real-time using AR technology. Menerga’s booth visitors have virtual versions of the products at their literal fingertips!

Our apps in action

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