Kelvion PHE Studio

Sleek, interactive web-based product showroom for heat exchanger manufacturer

The client and issue

Kelvion is one of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers and have been providing solutions for almost every industrial application imaginable since the 1920s. They specialise in customised solutions suitable for extreme environmental condition. They have been wanting to increase their efforts in modernising and changing the way their products are presented to the public.

The solution

MRstudios created the PHE Studio for Kelvion – a new generation dynamic and interactive 3D web platform that can be shaped for different exhibitions, events or client meetings. The web application showcases Kelvion’s extensive range of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) in all their glory. Upon accessing the web application, the user is able to choose between three product types, as well as a “Help me choose” option.

Clicking into any of the three product types will allow the user to explore each of the product types in depth, including an interactive, photorealistic, 3D model of the product type, as well as detailed information such as product specifications, technologies used, and where to find the product.

The “Help me choose” option guides the user to a simple selection configurator, where the user can indicate his/her preferences in terms of thermal presets, volume flow and criteria such as volume flow and heat duty. Based on the preferences indicated, the selection software will suggest the best product for the user’s criteria.

Through the PHE Studio, the entire experience of Kelvion’s range of Plate Heat Exchangers is made available to anyone, anywhere, via just a URL. Users are able to interact with the product and its festures using either intuitive gestures on a touch screen, or using cursor control devices like a mouse.

The result is a powerful tool that helps Kelvion stand out from its competitors, helps customers understand their products more easily, and helps them sell better overall.

Try out the PHE Studio for yourself right here.

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