REtrofit by Menerga

Menerga spotlights the benefits of its product retrofitting services

Menerga specialises in the development of innovative ventilation and air conditioning systems for extensive fields of application since 1980. The German-based company aims to successfully meet the fast paced challenging demand for environmentally-friendly, resource-saving air conditioning with greater efficiency. 

To demonstrate its retrofitting services, Menerga tasked MRstudios in the development of a Virtual Reality (VR) application. The application aimed to showcase the refurbishment of existing Air Handling Unit (AHU) parts safely, reliably and efficiently. The user can retrofit parts of an old-looking AHU by dragging and dropping new components over it. 

A highlight of this application is that it is showcased on two horizontally combined touch screens with a standalone PC. The two touch screens demonstrate the AHU before and after refurbishment accompanied by technical data values to depict the benefits of the refurbishment procedure on existing units.

In a visual and interactive manner, the Menerga REtrofit application showcases how retrofitting an existing unit contributes to energy and cost savings.  

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