VR app helps CoolExpert effectively show solutions



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Allendorf, Germany

The client and issue

CoolExpert is an innovative manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems for supermarkets. They focus on energy-efficient solutions based on environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

CoolExpert was finding it challenging to explain the benefits of each of their products to customers, as the benefits are only played out to their full potential when sold in a package solution. Another challenge was visualising the interconnection between these products and their components as their complete solutions are too big and complex to showcase live at exhibitions or during customer meetings.

Orange gradient 3D cube 3

The solution

The solution is CoolExpert VR, an interactive 3D application, designed for guided on-screen use during customer meetings and at exhibitions.

Multi-scenario app for end-user solutions

The app explains and visualises the interconnection between CoolExpert’s products and their work principles within a complete end-user solution set-up. The app highlights specific product benefits for different work scenarios and customer needs, including excellent COP and energy efficiency. It also visualises the system troubleshooting and maintenance process.

Leave a lasting impression

The app’s goal is to leave a lasting impression on customers at exhibitions, while also elevating awareness of the CoolExpert brand and its products. This strategic move aims to enhance their market position, transforming them from a smaller player into a major contender. By highlighting product benefits and addressing technical queries, the app showcases the company’s technical prowess.

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