dy-pack uses touchscreen VR to create market awareness



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Wenden, Germany

The client and issue

dy-pack is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper bags for demanding applications in the chemical industry, for construction chemistry, the food industry as well as the cement industry. dy-pack excels with high-quality products, ground-breaking innovations, and maximum sustainability.

dy-pack offers products and solutions suitable for the production and packaging of carbon black. With the exponential growth in the production of carbon black, it was important for dy-pack to gain market share through awareness and recognition of their solutions. To do so, they had to be able to explain their unique innovations and features in a way that is visual, informative, and memorable. 

Orange gradient 3D cube 2

The solution

The solution was dy-pack Carbon Black VR, an interactive 3D and touchscreen-based VR app designed for guided use during exhibitions and customer meetings. 

Full production line set-up to visualise USPs

The app visualises the entire filling and bagging process in an exemplary product line set-up while focusing on the unique selling points (USPs) of dy-pack’s products and solutions. 

It includes all steps in the production process and highlights per step the product and customer benefits as well as technical features. Using the app, dy-pack is able to bring a better understanding of its products and solutions to (potential) customers. 

Improving understanding to establish credibility

The interactive app underlines dy-pack’s leadership position. The advanced, intuitive and differentiated product sales tool brings added value to the company’s products and solutions in a credible manner. It also creates product awareness by eliciting a wow effect during exhibitions and meetings, and brings true customer benefits which accelerate sales and help argue higher product prices. 

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