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Area of business

Marketing and sales


Istanbul, Turkey

The client and issue

Elif is a leading supplier of flexible packaging solutions for food, beverage, pet, home, and personal care industries. Elif wanted a customised application where their potential clients could individually explore their solutions anytime, anywhere. They also wanted a way to stand out from the crowd at trade shows and exhibitions. 

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The solution

The solution proposed and created by MRstudios is the Elif Showroom, a colourful, interactive 3D application showcasing Elif’s sustainable packaging solutions. The Elif Showroom app boasts top quality 3D visuals as well as customised UI elements. Elif’s products are categorised and displayed in four different categories of shop fronts in a 3D carousel view. This allows potential clients to easily browse through the different real-life use-cases in an engaging manner.

Easy-to-use and easy-to-access

Clicking on a specific packaging solution opens up a realistic 360-degrees 3D render of the packaging that users can observe in detail. Tapping on the arrow icon then opens up more detailed information of the packaging solution, including material and finishing options.

To make sure that the application can be accessed easily, the Elif Showroom app is web-based, meaning that it is accessible via a simple web link on any device with an internet connection. This allows for a seamless customer experience without the need to download a native app.

Experience products in your immediate environment

For an even more immersive experience, most of the Elif products in the app can be viewed in Augmented Reality (AR) when used on mobile devices. Users can place the selected product in their immediate surroundings and explore it from all angles by physically moving around it. This also serves as an interesting feature at exhibitions.

We were aware that using Interactive 3D technologies is a step into uncharted territory. Nevertheless, our digital showroom sends a signal that our industry can also take advantage of the opportunities of digitalisation – it’s an added-value experience for our customers in addition to the haptic experience of our products.

Orçun Buldan

Marketing Manager at Elif

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