Greif-Velox demystifies technologies and USPs with VR


Packaging (Machinery)

Area of business

Marketing and sales


Lübeck, Germany

The client and issue

Monks founded the Greifen Mill in 1100, unknowingly laying the first stones for centuries of practical experience in efficient bagging, filling, and palletising. Now known as Greif-Velox, the company is a leading player in innovative, complex, and efficient bagging and filling of powder, liquid or solid materials in the food, chemicals, or petrochemicals industries.

The company was facing issues with explaining their USPs to their potential customers who could not see the machines and processes. Greif-Velox initially used videos to demonstrate their processes, but it lacked an interactive nature, and jumping to individual and specific USPs and parts of the packaging process was not possible. They wanted a new sales tool that can offer a more proactive and memorable experience, that they can use during exhibitions and meetings, both online and offline.


Augmented Reality 3D icon

The solution

The solution is Greif-Velox Carbon Black, an interactive touchscreen VR app designed for guided use during exhibitions and customer meetings. The app brings the complete filling process to life, from material handling to sealing and palletising. 

The entire production process made tangible, step-by-step

Using the app, users gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process through line overview visualisations and detailed workstation views. The app showcases their expertise and product superiority, highlighting Greif-Velox’s technological leadership in vacuum-filling processes. It effectively demystifies non-visible process steps and USPs, connecting them with tangible benefits through engaging animations, descriptive content, and visuals.

Attract new customers by delivering true customer benefits

The app serves as a strategic tool, generating awareness of the company and its products during exhibitions, resulting in an expanded customer reach, and attracting potential clients previously beyond their scope. The app enhances customer engagement and trust by showcasing core product differentiators and delivering true customer benefits, leading to a quick and substantial return on investment and the ability to establish the company as a trusted leader while streamlining the sales process. 

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