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Area of business

Marketing and sales


Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

The client and issue

Systemair is one of the leading companies in the ventilation industry, with operations in more than 50 countries all over the world and a wide range of products used in various locations by different industries.

The company was looking for a futuristic, interactive and unique way of exploring their products and solutions. They wanted a way to stand out from their competitors at exhibitions, and to really immerse visitors in the exploration of their products and solutions.

Orange gradient 3D cube 7

The solution

Using the Leap Motion and HTC Vive, MRstudios has created HVAC GOGGLES by Systemair, a VR application that allows users to have Systemair’s state-of-the-art solutions at their fingertips.

Industry-first gesture-controlled teleportation

The tailor-made gesture recognition plugin allows for a natural and efficient way to control the application, its systems and products. It also features an industry-first – teleportation within the application with just the hands instead of using cumbersome controllers.

Systemair VR gesture controlled application with VR goggles
Systemair VR gesture controlled application with VR goggles

Observe performance in real-time

Upon entering the environment, the user can teleport in the virtual space by gesturing and selecting with their hands and fingers. 

After successfully teleporting to the machine of choice, the user can view the product in various forms, including an X-Ray view, as well as toggle environmental conditions to see its effects on the machine’s performance in real-time.

The VR app offers a fully immersive and unforgettable way of experiencing Systemair’s products and solutions at exhibitions, without the need to ship the physical units to the booth.

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