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Area of business

Marketing and sales


Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

The client and issue

Systemair is one of the leading companies in the ventilation industry, with operations in more than 50 countries all over the world and a wide range of products used in various locations by different industries. 

The company was looking for a new way to make their product information available to their customers in an engaging and memorable way. They wanted a solution that would enable their customers to browse product features and information visually and interactively to support their marketing and sales.

Orange gradient 3D cube 3

The solution

Systemair worked with MRstudios to create a web-based Augmented Reality (WebAR) app that would be easy to access and convey important product information in an interesting way. The choice fell on this technology as this would make the app accessible to everyone, from anywhere, without the need to download a native app. All Systemair has to do is share a web link or QR code!

Interaction for deeper understanding

Upon accessing the link, users can choose from a list of digital twins of different Systemair products. After selecting their product of choice, users can place the completely realistic product in their immediate surroundings! Users can physically move closer and around the product to observe it from all angles, zoom in on a specific segment, or view in X-ray or exploded view to gain a deeper understanding of how the product works.

Spice up digital campaigns with WebAR

As the HVAC PRODUCTS app simply requires a smartphone with a camera function and internet connection. See that  everyone owns a smartphone these days, WebAR offers opportunities for adding an interactive element to digital marketing campaigns. 

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