Systemair's virtual showroom helps clients see real-world applications

Systemair is one of the leading companies in the ventilation industry, with operations in more than 50 countries all over the world. Their main purpose is to create a healthy indoor environment with a wide range of products which are in use in a variety of locations by different industries. They aim to provide the best environment and cost efficient services even in the most challenging situations.

To showcase their impressive portfolio, Systemair used HVAC SOLUTIONS, which uses MRstudios’ VR 4.0 technology to create an entire VR showroom of their products. VR 4.0 is a touchscreen Virtual Reality (VR) option that is much more accessible and easy to distribute. The HVAC SOLUTIONS application was created for the main purpose of sales and marketing as well as employee training and seminars, and functions as a standalone application and on mobile.

The application places Systemair products within realistic virtual environments, allowing salespeople to demonstrate how their products are used in real-world contexts. The application gives users the option of exploring their products in office buildings, underground carparks, in residential buildings and in the cafeteria, and takes the user into control rooms, rooftops and basements to observe in detail how Systemair products work in the grand scheme of things.

The HVAC SOLUTIONS application also includes X-Ray and airflow views, features that visualise what cannot be performed in the physical world, but really add to the client’s understanding of the product and its functions. The application also includes important information in the form of hotspots and product USP visualisations.

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