Bringing Systemair's solutions to life in VR showroom



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

The client and issue

Systemair is one of the world’s leading ventilation manufacturers, with operations in more than 50 countries and a wide range of products used in various locations by different industries. 

Systemair’s products use airflow in operation, which is hard to visualise when using conventional static marketing and sales tools. Besides, bringing larger products such as air handling units to exhibitions is costly and logistically complicated. Plus, the units are not able to be switched on and function at exhibition grounds. 

That is why the company was looking for a new way to present their products to potential customers. They needed to visualise the otherwise invisible USPs of their products in a tangible way, within actual application areas, and be easy-to-use by anyone, from anywhere. 

Augmented Reality 3D icon

The solution

The solution is HVAC SOLUTIONS, an interactive VR showroom of Systemair’s product portfolio, within their real-life application areas. Available on desktop and mobile, the app enables Systemair’s marketing and sales teams to have their products and solutions in their literal pockets.

Realistic environments and real-world context

The app places Systemair products within virtual environments, allowing salespeople to demonstrate how their products are used in real-world contexts. The app enables the user to explore Systemair’s products in office buildings, underground carparks, residential buildings, and cafeterias. It takes the user everywhere – from control rooms, basements, to rooftops, in order to visually demonstrate how Systemair’s solutions work.

Special features adding value to the customer and seller

The HVAC SOLUTIONS app includes features that visualise the products in ways that they cannot in the physical world. This includes special views such as X-Ray and airflow views, which significantly add to customers’ understanding of the product and its functions and enable them to make more confident and informed decisions. 

The application also includes important information in the form of hotspots and product USP visualisations, enabling Systemair to highlight benefits and add further value to the customer’s experience.

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