Unlimited possibilities with Media Carrier's AR magazine stand



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Unterföhring, Germany

The client and issue

Media Carrier is a leading worldwide provider of digital publications of newspapers and magazines from major international publishing houses. They make these newspapers and magazines available in their “Media Box” as a technical distribution solution.

The company wanted to stay ahead of the competition by finding a modern and interactive way of bringing digital publications of newspapers and magazines to its clientele in, among others, airlines, lounges, hotels, and cruise ships. 

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The solution

The solution was an Augmented Reality (AR) app that allows users to place a 3D digital model of a magazine stand into the user’s direct surroundings. The media stand showcases the most recent magazines in store and is available to all of Media Carrier’s clientele. 

Explore and read, just like in real-life

Upon opening the app on a touchscreen device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, users can place the magazine stand in their immediate surroundings using the device’s camera. 

The user can walk around the stand and intuitively browse through the selection. Using the app, the selected magazine or newspaper can be inspected, opened, and read on the screen. The highly detailed 3D visuals give the feeling of browsing and reading in real-life, except on one’s mobile device.

Easily update app with latest releases

As new editions of newspapers and magazines are regularly released, the app is developed to make it easy for Media Carrier to update the app with new issues. New magazines are easily added and replaced in the portfolio without any problem. 

This gives the users access to the latest news and magazines, right in the palm of their hands, wherever in the world they are.

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