Seco takes visitors on a virtual factory tour of their operations


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Fagersta, Sweden

The client and issue

Seco is one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, hole making and tooling systems.

Seco envisaged a VR Factory tour, in which the user will be able to take a virtual tour of their factory operations, from coating to wet-blasting, without having to travel all the way to Fagersta.

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The solution

Like the real thing, but better

The Seco Factory Tour VR application contains realistic 3D modules and features in line with workstations modelled after that in Seco’s actual Fagersta factory.

Upon selecting a workstation, the user can inspect the machine from all angles, zoom in, and shift. After which, using touch or mouse controls, the user can go through the different processes and functions of each workstation in a predefined manner.

Seco VR factory tour
Seco VR factory tour

Explore at one's own pace

Users can also jump directly to a particular part in the process using the application menu. So depending on individual needs, the factory tour can be flexibly adapted.

At each workstation, the important parts of the process are visualised to the finest detail, giving the user a clear understanding of what goes into the manufacturing of their tools. This is supported by important textual or graphical information.

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