Frico presents air curtain technology in real-life use-cases



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Sävedalen, Sweden

The client and issue

Frico is the leading supplier of air curtains, radiant heaters and fan heaters in Europe and are represented in more than 70 countries globally. They are proud to offer energy-efficient products for a comfortable indoor climate and sustainable future.

Frico wanted an interactive and memorable way to explain their air curtain technology, innovation and benefits within various real-life application contexts at exhibitions and at sales presentations. The solution had to be highly visual and easy-to-use.

Orange gradient 3D cube 7

The solution

See solutions within virtual environments

The result is a sleek cross-platform application that is successfully being used throughout Frico’s marketing and sales channels all over the world.

SOLUTIONS by Frico clearly demonstrates the various use cases of Frico’s air curtain technology in retail, industry and cold storages, outlined in the unique carousel overview when the application first opens. This is done by allowing the user to toggle between environments, installing and uninstalling the air curtain, and observing the effects on the visualised air streams.

Frico VR showroom cold storage application area
Frico VR showroom retail application area air curtain cross section

An intuitive touchscreen experience

The application employs MRstudios’ flagship VR 4.0 technology – a touchscreen VR option that is easy to use, easy to access, more hygienic for multiple users than VR goggles, and can be used on virtually any touchscreen device – from tablets to large screens at exhibitions.

The entire application is tailor-made to Frico’s corporate design and identity, with signature red and white Frico colours, and a simple, minimalistic interface.

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