Virtual Reality

When it comes to possibilities, there is much more to Virtual Reality than VR glasses.
 Interact within a 3D environment, overcome the limits of time and space, and transcend physical boundaries!


Tangibly present your products and solutions to customers, partners or employees.


Develop products across global teams, and prototype without physical mockups.

Stand out

Distinguish yourself from your competitors with a "wow" factor.

Virtual Reality, as engineered by MRstudios

A person using an application in virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer simulation of a real or imaginary technology in real-time.

When one mentions VR, what comes to mind is the headset-based solution normally used for fun and games. We develop headset-based VR apps for myriad purposes. Our hardware rental division also offers VR headsets to companies looking to bring some excitement to sales meetings or exhibitions.

At MRstudios, we specialise in more accessible, user-friendly and hygienic VR solutions

VR application on smartphone screen with a sunset background

How VR technologies boost businesses

Most of our clients use VR because of the enhanced brand experience it offers, replacing traditional, one-dimensional promotional material. In addition, VR offers long-term cost-effectiveness and convenience. 

Render of a virtual engine being studied by two people on an ipad

Product development

Instead of having to build multiple physical prototypes, developers can collaborate and create iterations in a virtual environment, investing only into the final physical product, saving time and money.

Product presentations

VR solutions allow you to showcase products in a variety of views that defy physical limitations. Visualise products in exploded, X-ray, or 360° views, or even simulate invisible real-life conditions like temperature or air. Seeing is believing, but experiencing is everything!

Screenshot of Trox HVAC system application with control panels visible
Three men discussing HVAC systems being displayed on a touchscreen at an exhibition

Exhibitions and conferences

Save on precious and costly exhibition space by having your product portfolio virtualised. A massive machine that weighs a ton can now fit in a handy tablet you take with you everywhere. Take your entire portfolio with you to all company events, where visitors can explore your products and solutions independently, and in an interactive manner. 

Technical Trainings

During virtual training, trainees can experience and learn how to deal with common challenges and emergencies like they would in real life – but without the safety concerns or fear of making costly mistakes. VR training has also proven to result in increased knowledge retention and engagement. 

Industrial worker using AR headset to check the measurements of the building equipment

These are just some of many ways you can visualise your manufactured products in Virtual Reality

Xray view 3D icon

X-ray view​

See the product inside out.
360 view 3D icon

360° view​

Feel the product in space.​
Exploded view 3D icon

Exploded view​

Explore layer by layer.

Control your VR solutions in a variety of ways

We can tailor-make apps to all these platforms and devices


Apple iOS, Google or Android


Apple MacOS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux


Apple iPadOS, Google, Android

VR Glasses

Stand-alone, Computer-bound


Multiple touch screens at the same time

Two men using an HVAC interactive VR App on a large touchscreen
Our representatives spent more than 90 % of their time on the road prior to the pandemic, evaluating conditions on site and determining the right solutions for improvement. It became clear to us that making the presentation simpler and easier to understand for customers would have an immediate positive impact on our costs.
Pablo Varela, Global Product Director at Systemair

Pablo Varela

Global Product Director at Systemair