Headset-based Virtual Reality

Put on a headset and immerse in a virtual world. Experience virtual situations, walk through virtual buildings and meet virtual colleagues, just like you would in real life and more.

How does it work

This technology allows immersion in a situation via VR headsets. VR headsets create different sensations for each eye, giving the illusion of a three-dimensional environment. The addition of audio completes the experience. By sensing the user’s movements, the user can interact with the virtual environment, walk through the virtual world, experience virtual elements and perform desired actions.

MRstudios rents out headsets and the required PCs to companies that want to enhance their customer experience with VR.

VR Product Exploration

Using the Leap Motion and HTC Vive, MRstudios has created a VR application that allows users to experience Systemair’s HVAC solutions in an immersive manner.

MRstudios’ tailor-made gesture recognition plugin allows controlling the application, its systems, and its products intuitively. It also features industry-first teleportation within the application with just the hands instead of using cumbersome controllers.

VR Company Tour

Fan manufacturer ZIEHL-ABEGG wanted to give their employer brand a little face-lift, to make the company more enticing to prospective, promising employees.

Together with MRstudios, they customised a VR experience that takes the user on an exciting journey through ZIEHL-ABEGG’s Solution Center, Training Center and Brand Experience Center. The app was developed for the Oculus Quest VR headset.

The investment in the development of our application has already returned after a short time. After all, the costs for product presentations at trade fairs, roadshow or similar are incurred with every event we attend. In contrast, an interactive 3D app only needs to be developed once and can be continuously expanded and improved thereafter.
Annika Ahlstrand Systemair

Annika Ahlstrand

Director of Marketing & Communications at Systemair

VR application on smartphone screen with a sunset background