Augmented Reality

Whether for B2B or B2C projects, apps powered by Augmented Reality allow you to place and interactively explore virtual versions of your manufactured products and solutions in your immediate environment.

Stand out from the competition

Enhance the brand experience with engaging and informative virtual elements.

Save costs

Save on logistical costs. Take your virtualised products and solutions with you anywhere.

Get your clients excited

Transform static technical information into a cool and memorable experience.

What exactly is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, or AR, is an interactive experience where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by virtual information in real time. You can either experience AR using a Head-Mounted Device (HMD), using a native app on your mobile device, or via your internet browser.

Ever used an Instagram Story filter? Or used Google Maps’ Live View? That’s AR.

We specialise in touchscreen AR solutions that almost everyone can experience

Web-based AR (WebAR)

WebAR applications are one of our most popular solutions. By simply clicking a link, anyone with a mobile device and internet connection can experience AR. Users can navigate within the app using common touchscreen gestures such as swiping, holding, tapping and pinching.

Enhance environment with virtual information

AR technology can further enhance your product or environment with information and data in the form of digital overlays

These virtual overlays can convey important information or messages, identify and label parts, or even visualise invisible processes such as airflow with dynamic moving arrows.

Reap all the benefits of AR straight from the web browser – no need to download an extra app nor purchase AR headsets

Want to see how it works in practice? Read on.

Systemair's WebAR Product Portfolio

Upon sharing the app’s URL, users can

  1. Use their camera to scan the surroundings.
  2. Identify a plane on which they can place the virtual product.
  3. Play around with the product and view it from different angles in their immediate environment.

Our AR apps can run on all operating systems


Apple iOS
Google Android


Apple iPadOS
Google Android
We have had the digital showroom in use at trade fairs and users were amazed when they placed the virtual packaging next to a real one – the difference was nearly not noticeable at first glance.
Orcun image in black and white

Orçun Buldan

Marketing and Communications at Elif, a Huhtamaki company