Web-based Virtual Reality

With just a custom URL, easily experience Virtual Reality via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

How does it work

Web-based VR is made possible with Web Real-time Communication (WebRTC) and Web Graphics Library (WebGL).

In combination, they make it possible to easily access dynamic and interactive applications on almost all browsers and devices by default without the need to install additional plugins. It can be utilised for a wide array of projects like real-time product configurators or VR/AR applications.

Kelvion’s PHE studio

Heat-exchanger manufacturer Kelvion chose to use Web-based VR to showcase a specific subset of their products. The interactive 3D studio allows users to explore state-of-the-art product solutions across multiple application areas in a highly interactive manner.

Potential clients simply click on a URL leading them to the WebVR app, from which they can explore the flexibility, quality and complexity of Kelvion solutions without physical limitations.

Kelvion’s PHE studio took its digital transformation and brand building to the next level.

We were aware that using Interactive 3D technologies is a step into uncharted territory. Nevertheless, our digital showroom sends a signal that our industry can also take advantage of the opportunities of digitalization – it’s an added-value experience for our customers in addition to the haptic experience of our products.
Orcun image in black and white

Orçun Buldan

Marketing and Communications at Elif, a Huhtamaki company

VR application on smartphone screen with a sunset background