Real-time interactive 3D solutions

Defy limitations of the physical world.

See how our apps help our clients stand out from the crowd at ISH 2023

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Explore the state-of-the-art technologies behind our solutions

Learn more about the technologies that we use to create exciting 3D solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Interactive 3D views offer new perspectives

Some of many ways your product and solutions can be visualised to make them more tangible and easy-to-understand.

Xray view 3D icon

X-ray view​

See the product inside out.
360 view 3D icon

360° view​

Feel the product in space.​
Exploded view 3D icon

Exploded view​

Explore layer by layer.

Stand out from the crowd

Let customers, partners and even employees experience your brand, products and solutions beyond the constraints of the real world.

Deliver a virtual product presentation your clients will remember

Brochures and PowerPoint presentations can only do so much. Through an interactive 3D experience, the user is able to engage with and see what the product can really do, in real time. 

In addition, this means your products now fit into the palm of your hand – you no longer have to transport your manufactured products, that are often bulky and heavy, to business meetings or exhibitions.

Develop products more efficiently and cost-effectively

In the virtual space, you can collaborate, prototype and create as many iterations as you need. This saves cost in the long-run, cuts down development times and gives product developers the breathing space to experiment without limitations.

Make technical training safe, engaging and effective

Virtual training makes training more immersive, resulting in more engaged trainees, and better knowledge retention. Virtual technical training can be especially useful for training situations that are more risky – realistic simulations allow trainees in high-risk job scopes to learn and practice safely. 

Change the way you present your manufactured products

Carry your product with you in your pocket

Meet the Virtual Product Showcase. Our most straightforward solution that allows your selected products to be virtualised in photorealistic proportions, and viewed in a variety of ways.

Simply send us your product’s CAD data (which we will keep secure, of course!), customise your app’s colours according to your corporate branding, choose from a selection of languages, and sit back and wait just 3 weeks for your app to be delivered. 

Be a trailblazer in the industry, with your very own Industrial Metaverse

Stay one step ahead, go virtual. Create spaces for rich user interaction mimicking the real world, tailor-made to address the challenges and needs of the manufacturing sector. 

In an unpredictable physical world where change is the only constant, your personalised Industrial Metaverse is where you have full control. Meet your team members, conduct sales visits and invite thousands of guests to your expo entirely virtually, anytime, anywhere. The possibilities are endless.


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