Kelvion simplifies sales with omni-channel VR app



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Bochum, Germany

The client and issue

Kelvion is a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for a highly diversified range of market segments. Examples of market segments include energy, data centre, chemical industries, oil and gas, marine applications, HVAC and refrigeration, environmental applications as well as the food and beverage industries. They are specialists in providing customer-specific products and services.

Kelvion’s strategy does not include attending physical exhibitions and events, this means that they have to find alternative ways to increase brand recognition, market awareness of their product portfolio, and awareness of their various market segments. Specifically, they wanted an online solution that showcases their core products and solutions, so that they can still reach potential clients all over the world just as, if not more, effectively.

Orange gradient 3D cube 2

The solution

The solution was KoolVille, an interactive VR and WebRTC app that is used by Kelvion’s end-customers, as well as by Kelvion’s sales, marketing, and HR teams for (online) meetings and potential (online) exhibitions or company events.

Extensive market segment and product information

The app enables users to interact within a sleek virtual environment, in which Kelvion’s active market segments and product portfolios are visualised in a memorable and engaging way. In addition, the app provides technical information about the products, visualises air movement, and differentiates between the core product categories of the company. 

Omnichannel integrations for optimised sales and support processes

The app features several extra functions that bring KoolVille to the next level. This includes an integrated product selector, direct technical and sales support, and the ability to download files for detailed product information. 

The combination of stunning 3D visuals and practical tools helps simplify customer guidance. This strengthens Kelvion’s overall brand awareness, increasing the average time spent on the website and number of clicks, boosting lead generation, and proving KoolVille to be an effective sales support tool.

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