Systemair presents next-level technical details in interactive 3D



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

The client and issue

Systemair is one of the leading companies in the ventilation industry, with operations in more than 50 countries all over the world. Their main purpose is to create a healthy indoor environment with a wide range of products which are in use in a variety of locations by different industries. 

The client already had the HVAC SOLUTIONS app, which offers a general overview of products that they offer across different application areas (e.g. residential ventilation, parking garages). They wanted a “pro” version of the app that would be more technical and mainly be used internally, and by distributors and wholesalers in the marketing and sales of Systemair products. 

Orange gradient 3D cube 7

The solution

Technical details fit for technical sales

As a result, the HVAC SOLUTIONS PRO app was born. Like its predecessor, it places Systemair products within realistic virtual environments, allowing salespeople to demonstrate how their products are used in real-world contexts – but in much further detail and a higher level of visualisation

The app also showcases Systemair products in more specific use-cases, such as Data Center Cooling (DCC) and in office buildings.

HVAC SOLUTIONS PRO Systemair 3D office HVAC cross-section
HVAC SOLUTIONS PRO Systemair 3D office HVAC cross-section

Next-level features, same ease-of-use

Users can easily access and distribute the HVAC SOLUTIONS PRO, which runs on PC, Android and touchscreen devices. 

With a few intuitive gestures on touchscreen devices such as tablets, the user can navigate within the app to explore detailed technical data values and calculations in a visual and easy-to-understand manner

Users can see performance changes in real-time as they adjust conditions using the sleek app interface 

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