Greif-Velox's packaging processes at your fingertips



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Lübeck, Germany

The client and issue

Greif-Velox is a global specialist in innovative, complex, and efficient bagging and filling packaging solutions for powder, liquid or solid materials in the food, chemicals, or petrochemicals industries.

The company was facing issues with explaining their USPs to their potential customers who could not see the machines. Greif-Velox initially used videos to demonstrate their products, but it lacked an interactive nature, and jumping to individual and specific USPs was not possible. Their new sales tool needed to be usable during exhibitions and meetings, both online and offline, and address sales worldwide.

Orange gradient 3D cube 1

The solution

The solution is an interactive VR app for mobile devices that visualises the operational process of Greif-Velox’ two major packaging machines and their USPs. The app has a customised user interface and can be globally used for marketing and sales purposes. 

Get to know the process with interactive 3D

Upon entering the app, the user can choose between two of Greif-Velox’s packaging machines. 

Users are then able to activate simulations of the packaging process to learn about the process in high-quality, 3D precision. Using intuitive touch screen gestures on their touchscreen device, users can actively select the angle and how zoomed in or out they would like to see the machines. 

Developed for easy expansion

Information hotspots containing process and product information are peppered around the machine. Users can tap on the various hotspots to reveal more detailed information.

The app is developed to be continuously expanded with more machine models and even complete packaging and filling solutions. This makes the app perfectly prepared for the future and growth of the company as they look to digitalise more of their products and expertise.

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