Systemair uses VR to present solutions-based product package



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Skinnskatteberg, Sweden

The client and issue

Systemair is one of the leading companies in the ventilation industry, with operations in more than 50 countries all over the world. Their main purpose is to create a healthy indoor environment with a wide range of products which are in use in a variety of locations by different industries. 

To address changing market trends and stricter demands on indoor air quality, higher energy efficiency, and connected solutions, Systemair’s marketing and sales approach needed to change from product to solutions-focused. They wanted a way to present their solutions-focused product packages and benefits in a dynamic and easy-to-understand manner.

Orange gradient 3D cube 2

The solution

The solution was Systemair Fusion – an interactive touchscreen VR app that was launched and first used by Systemair at ISH 2023.

Virtual full-system integration with interactive real-time data

The app explains and visualises the integration and interconnection between ventilation, air conditioning, air-heat-recovery, fresh air supply, and control systems for optimised indoor air quality in a virtual school building. It shows via real-time data how the complete system responds to changing demands and environmental conditions such as seasons and occupancy. Through these features, users gain a deeper understanding of the optimised system performance in relation to energy consumption. 

Screenshot of Systemair VR application
Screenshot of Systemair VR application

Multi-functional app for internal and external use

Using the app, Systemair is able to bring their new Fusion solutions to life during (online) customer meetings and exhibitions, without having to bring customers to already installed sites. In addition, the app is being used for internal e-learning for sales teams to further integrate their one-stop-shop approach.

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