App Streaming

App streaming is possible with WebRTC, which stands for Web Real-time Communication. It allows high-fidelity, computationally-intensive applications to smoothly run in a web browser in real time, even on a regular smartphone.

WebRTC opens up a world of possibilities

Good, immersive interactive 3D apps tend to be more graphically-intensive, therefore requiring more computing power to run. WebRTC is in essence a desktop app running on a remote machine and streamed to the end-device. Coupled with WebGL, which runs natively in the web browser, WebRTC makes it possible for developers to seamlessly bring stunning 3D real-time experiences to end-users, without the need for expensive hardware.

Enabling the lowest possible latency for audio and video transfer allows the addition of real-time communication capabilities to applications that mimic reality, maintain immersion and enable collaboration. An example of the integration of WebRTC with the VR/AR space would be the addition of video conference streams into a Virtual Reality environment.

WebRTC is supported by a number of different browsers and platforms

This cross-browser/platform compatibility makes it easier to create applications that function across web, mobile and desktop applications.

Imagine several colleagues who have an online call with each other. However, it doesn’t look like a usual Google Meet call. They are in a virtual environment where they work together on a product – a 3D product with real proportions, measurements and functions. The application allows them to view, discuss and modify the product collaboratively and in real time.

Try out Systemair's Product Showroom in WebRTC

Systemair needed to make their ventilation solutions more exciting and tangible for their customers. Therefore, they worked with MRstudios to create a series of native interactive 3D applications mainly utilised by their sales and exhibition teams.

To make the applications more accessible, MRstudios also ran the applications in WebRTC. This means that the native applications, though graphically-intensive, can seamlessly run in internet browsers just like the one you are using right now. No downloading of applications needed. Try it out for yourself!

VR application on smartphone screen with a sunset background