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Marketing and sales
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HR & Training
Product development in virtual reality and augmented reality
Product development

Open up a world of possibilities for sharing what your products and solutions can do

Marketing and Sales

Make complex product features and solutions tangible. Let clients, partners and employees experience your solutions in ways not possible in real-life.

Interactive online marketing materials

Embed an entire experience into what would otherwise be just passive scrolling and reading of a website. If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what an entire interactive 3D app could do?

Save on logistical costs

No need to transport heavy, bulky products to exhibitions. Interactive 3D apps let you have your products at your literal fingertips. Show more than people can see in real life, such as airflow changes based on variations in weather conditions. Booth visitors can explore virtual versions of your product using various touchscreen devices. 

Guentner VR application being used on a smartpad
Screenshot of printed brochure for AR application

Enhance print marketing

Whether in a magazine spread, on a poster or at an event, with just a QR code leading to an interactive 3D experience, you can take your message beyond the physical limits of the printed page

Create photorealistic 3D renders of your products

Photorealistic imagery is crucial in manufacturers’ marketing and sales efforts. Make your technical features and concepts more attractive and easier to grasp with 3D images and animations.

AR tunnel

Hold meetings in a customised virtual world

Forget the stress and jet lag from business travel. In your own Industrial Metaverse, you can have meetings in customised virtual spaces. Talk business supported by interactive 3D versions of your manufactured products. No VR glasses are needed to enter. Simply log in on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, and enter a whole new world of possibilities.

HR & Training

Revolutionise and increase effectiveness of technical training. Immerse trainees in virtual training, where they can experience realistic scenario simulations.

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Increase knowledge retention while staying safe

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Make training engaging and fun

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Save costs on traveling and on running machines just for training purposes

Attract innovators with innovation

A modern and inspiring company brand image attracts like-minded job seekers.

A ZA/vr edu application screenshot

ZIEHL-ABEGG attracts young talent with VR

Facing the need to freshen up the brand image to attract talent, ZIEHL-ABEGG engaged MRstudios to create a VR company tour as an integrated piece of their overall recruiting efforts.

The VR application lets prospective ZIEHL-ABEGG hires go on a company tour, take an inside look at how their products are used, and try their hand at assembling various products.

Product development

Optimise your product development processes. Save time and money on building physical iterations, collaborate dynamically, and develop great products without limitations.

Eliminate the need to create physical prototypes, thereby cutting costs in the development process.​
Prototype in Virtual Reality. Create as many iterations of the product as it takes to make it perfect.
Collaborate, communicate and brainstorm over the virtual version of the prototype in real time.

Curious about the technologies behind MRstudios’ solutions

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