Camfil's Dynamic Room app makes invisible factors tangible



Area of business

Marketing and sales


Stockholm, Sweden

The client and issue

Camfil is a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, providing commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimise energy use and benefit human health and the environment. 

They were looking to promote and increase public awareness of indoor air quality (IAQ), while at the same time accelerating sales. The solution would mainly be used during exhibitions and client meetings, which meant that it needed to be interactive, informative and engaging. 

Orange gradient 3D cube 2

The solution

The solution was a sleek custom-made touchscreen VR app that simulates a real-world office environment. The app visualises and demonstrates the different factors that affect IAQ in the workplace. 

Inform by making the invisible tangible

In the app, users can toggle between different factors and observe the impacts on IAQ and energy consumption levels. Some factors include different outdoor environments, room occupation levels, fresh-air entry through an open window, filter types and technologies, usage of an air cleaner, and electrical equipment emissions. 

In addition, for a deeper dive into the different factors, the UI highlights the factor in question and a pop-up info box provides detailed explanations.

Realistic calculations based on real-world values

All values and factors are based on real-world calculations and represent a realistic outcome, making the app a valuable asset to Camfil’s mission to inform the public about the importance of IAQ. 

In addition, this is visualised in a realistic manner, which supports the Camfil sales team in convincing potential clients of the need for good, working ventilation.

MRstudios’ professional approach and understanding of our industry, vision, and needs allowed them to effectively translate our key USPs into a powerful visualisation tool, delivering clear customer benefits.

Ola Skoglund

VP Group Marketing & Communications, Camfil

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