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Area of business



Bonn, Germany

The client and issue

The Deutsches Museum Bonn is a museum with exhibits and experiments of famous scientists, engineers and inventors. Its central themes are research and technology in Germany after 1945, and it is part of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

The museum wanted to present scientific concepts to young visitors in a simple and visual manner. The WISSENschaft SPASS association, in particular, aimed to make subjects such as mathematics, IT, technical and natural sciences more interesting and fun for schoolchildren.

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The solution

Defy physical limitations with AR

The solution uses Augmented Reality (AR), an interactive 3D technology that is especially useful in the visualisation of complex concepts. 

In this use-case, the SynchrotronAR app developed for Deutsches Museum Bonn offers visitors a tangible and interactive visualisation of the 500 Mev electron synchrotron, an instrument of cutting-edge physical research, that would otherwise be impossible to visualise with the naked eye.

SychrotronAR for Deutsches Museum Bonn
SychrotronAR for Deutsches Museum Bonn

Enhance static exhibitions with digital overlays

Opening the native app installed on the tablet offered to museum visitors, users can point the device’s camera at the physical exhibition, which acts as an AR marker. 

This triggers the digital AR overlays, which enhance the physical exhibition with information hotspots and a visual representation of the movement of the electron synchrotron. 

Users can then further explore and interact with the exhibition by walking around it and tapping on the info hotspots to learn more. 

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